AMBARAC® is our broadly effective fungicide against leaf and ear diseases in cereals and oilseed rape. AMBARAC® has a preventive effect, but also fights existing infections and prevents them from spreading further.

AMBARAC® is excellent against rust, Rhynchosporium leaf spot and Fusarium species and is an important building block in resistance management. The active ingredient metconazole penetrates the plant systemically and spreads throughout the sap stream, providing rapid rain resistance.

In rapeseed, AMBARAC® not only has a fungicidal effect, but also slows down the growth in length, thus supporting stability and strengthening winter hardiness.

Product information

Approval Number


Approved Crops

Wheat (including spelt and durum wheat)
Winter rapeseed


Emulsion Concentrate (EC)

Mechanism of Action

(FRAC group) G1

Active Ingredients

Metconazole 60 g/l

Packaging Instructions

Item number: 130180608501
Container: 4 x 5 L

Key Uses

Yellow, Brown And Dwarf Roses
Rhynchosporium Leaf Spot
Powdery Mildew
Netting Spots
Fusarium Species
Root Collar And Stem Rot

Supports Stability In Winter Oilseed Rape

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.