AURELIA® is our fungicide for the control of leaf and ear diseases in cereals and winter oilseed rape. As a triazole with the active ingredient prothioconazole, AURELIA® is broadly effective, combating both preventively and curatively infections of powdery mildew, yellow rust or net spot disease that have just become visible.

The active ingredient is characterized by a slower and more uniform distribution in the leaf and a stronger effect than other azoles. Ideal for combating reticulated spots, Rhynchosporium leaf spots, rusts and septoria as well as Fusarium species and an important building block in resistance management

Approval Number


Approved Crops

Wheat (including spelt and durum wheat)
Winter rapeseed


Emulsion Concentrate (EC)

Mechanism of Action

(FRAC group) G1

Active Ingredients

Prothioconazole 250 g/l

Packaging Instructions

Item number: 130230608501
Container: 4 x 5 L

Key Uses

Yellow, brown and dwarf rusts
Rhynchosporium leaf spot
Powdery mildew
Reticulated spots
Fusarium species
Root collar and stem rot

Supports stability

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