With its active ingredient mesotrione, BASILICO® belongs to the group of triketones. As a predominantly, but not exclusively, foliar herbicide, it is also absorbed to a certain extent via the root. In this way, sensitive weeds that emerge later in maize are controlled over a longer period of time.

BASILICO® is effective against chicken millet and other types of millet, as well as numerous weeds with a photo-oxidative effect, the bleaching of green parts of the plant.

Approval Number


Approved Crops

Grain and fodder maize


Suspension concentrate (SC)

Mechanism of Action

(HRAC group) F2 and (WSSA) 27

Active Ingredients

Mesotrione 100 g/l

Packaging Instructions

Item number: 130150608501
Container: 4 x 5 L

Key Uses

Chicken Millet,White Goosefoot, Amaranth, French Herb, Nightshade,Etc

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