NIANTIC® is a trailing herbicide against grasses and weeds approved for autumn and spring. Due to the highly effective combination of the ALS inhibitors mesosulfuron and iodosulfuron, NIANTIC® is the specialist against field foxtail. As a predominantly foliar herbicide, NIANTIC® is also effective against weeds and grasses in active growth in drought and cool weather. The addition of PROBE® (included in the container) increases the safe and faster absorption of active ingredients, especially in hairy grasses such as trespe and weeds

Approval Number


Approved Crops

Winter soft wheat (autumn and spring)


Water-dispersible granules (WG)

Mechanism of Action

(HRAC group) B and (WSSA) 2

Active Ingredients

Mesosulfuron 29.2 g/kg, Iodosulfuron 5.6 g/kg, Mefenpyr (Safner) 86.6 g/kg

Packaging Instructions

Item number: 130172208501
Container: 0.5 kg NIANTIC + 1 L PROBE

Item number: 130171108501
Container: 2.5 kg NIANTIC + 5 L PROBE

Key Uses

Field Foxtail,
Pigeon, Trespe, Common Windstraw, Flying Oats,
Welsh Ryegrass, German Ryegrass, Common Panicle Grass, Oilseed Rape, Chamomile Species

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