TRINEXA 250® is a growth regulator for various cereal crops.

The active ingredient trinexapac has a systemic effect and inhibits the synthesis of gibberellic acid in the plant. This inhibits cell length growth and shortens internodes, resulting in stable and more stable stalks of the grain.

Approval Number


Approved Crops

Winter soft wheat
Winter barley
Spelt (BBCH 31-49)
Winter rye
Spring barley
Grasses (BBCH 31-39)
Oats (BBCH 31-37)


Emulsion Concentrate (EC)

Mechanism of Action

Reduction of internode length growth

Active Ingredients

Trinexapac 250 g/l

Packaging Instructions

Item number: 130270608501
Container: 4 x 5 L

Key Uses

Growth regulator: Stalk shortening

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